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Welcome to Dr. SEO, the go-to resource for expert branding advice and guidance. 

Includes the following:

The Importance of Branding

Welcome to Dr. SEO, the go-to resource for expert branding advice and guidance. Everything starts with building out a great, memorable brand that attracts your ideal customer! This is the foundation of your business! You would never build your own home on a weak foundation, nor would you build your business that way either! Our goal is to help your business succeed by providing the knowledge and resources needed to create a powerful, recognizable brand. We specialize in everything from brand strategy, to logo design, to website development, to local seo search engine optimization and social media marketing. You want a unified message on everything attached to your company. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you create a unique, effective presence in the digital world. With our help, you can take your business to the next level and make sure your brand stands out from the rest. Let Dr. SEO show you how to make the most of your branding opportunities and maximize your success.

Increased recognition

Be recognized more by your customers, which can help increase brand awareness and loyalty.


Stand out from your competitors, making it easier for your customers to choose your products or services.

Customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty, as customers are more inclined to prefer your company's products or services over those of competitors.

Trust and credibility

Establish credibility and trust with customers to encourage more sales and customer retention.

Increased value

Boost the perceived value of your goods or services to drive up prices and profit margins.

Enhanced customer experience

Create a positive customer experience, which can lead to repeat business.

Stand out from the competition with customized branding

Answers to some branding FAQs

You will receive the following assets:

Branding Kit
Social Media Profile Kit
4 Vehicle Mocks
Business Card
Print Ready .PDF Files

To get the best results for your logo and brand identity design, it’s helpful to provide specific details about your design preferences and business. This could include information about your brand’s colors, fonts, desired logo style, examples of designs you like, product photos, and any other specifications that may impact the design.

Providing as much detail as possible will help the designers create a design that accurately reflects your brand.

Upon completion of the design process, you will receive the source files which can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, print-ready PDF files, and JPG and PNG files suitable for use online. Additionally, you will receive full legal copyright ownership of the design, making it entirely your own.

You will be given ownership of the copyright for the design of your logo and brand identity upon conclusion of the design process or during the Local Wiz handover step.

The brand identity package includes a selection of up to 3 design variations with the opportunity for up to 5 edits, with a delivery timeline of 2-4 weeks.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Steve Forbes


Our comprehensive branding package includes:

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